A little Outlaw ethos

The ateliers I have chosen to work with have harmonious and ethical relationships with their staff who are fairly paid and work under safe conditions. Always. The impact of the fashion industry is at the fore of our decision making every step of the way.

 Each step of the creative production is done digitally, through photographs and endless back and forth emailing, eliminating any need to travel. Each piece is produced using locally sourced natural fibre materials and dyes. And hand created with artisan skills like cut-work embroidery, appliqué, hand beading, shirring, hand smocking, silk screen printing and hand painting. Hours and hours of work have gone into each of these pieces.



           My garments are produced in tiny batches, in a modest production facility. At no stage will plastic packaging be used, and postage packaging is always biodegradable. 99% of my garments are produced using raw fabrics, the 1% being the occasional use of elastane, because every now and then a particular style requires a little bit of stretch. The Outlaw Dame pieces, with the correct laundering, are designed with wearability, and longevity in mind. These garments will not become misshapen, due to the quality of the fabrics involved,  and they will never need to be landfilled, ensuring they continue to be worn and loved over and over and over again.




The results are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, small batch garments designed and made with quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness.